Friday, March 29, 2013

Body image issues

I need to have a girly moment here...
This might sound crazy, but I think my spine may be sparking a bit of an identity crisis.
I've always loved dressing up and buying clothes. It is so annoying to go shopping and pick up things that I love, only to find out when I put them on that they look terrible on my body. Therefore, I no longer know what I like, because I no longer know what size I really am or what shapes look best on me (if there are any..) I am actually a 5'9" girl squashed into a 5'5" girl's body. It's frustrating. I hate shopping. I hate trying on clothes.
Things I would like to wear without feeling self-conscious about something;
I would like to wear a flowy top without it awkwardly hanging down from my shoulders in the back and making it look like I am fat and have no butt.
I would like to wear a high-waisted skirt without the waistband getting all scrunched and hanging crooked on my hips.
I would like to wear an open-back dress without exposing my rib hump and feeling like Quasimodo.
I would like to wear a bikini without worrying about my lopsided waist or my ribs sticking out.
I would like to proudly wear a bodycon dress.
Hopefully the surgery will not only lessen my pain,
but also help with the body image issues.
 Blah. I know everybody is self-conscious about something.
I'm not the only one.
Bent but not broken,
P.S. 33 days!

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